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Always with the initial intention, YJC group annual gala was held ceremoniously

Release date:2019-01-10

Shield is the Industry, spear is the employees, arrow is the dreams, we fight and move on for a shared dream.

Recently, YJC Group annual gala was held ceremoniously with the theme "never forget the initial intention, share for the future together". The founder of YJC Group, leaders and managers, together with all the employees of the subsidiaries, YJC Industrial, Koodoo Technology, Jieliou Technology and some other shared companies, joined this celebrations.

Founder of YJC Group and CEO, Mr. Michael Xiao extended new years wishes to the customers and the staff. And Mr. Xiao together with the far-come clients walked on the red carpet, means a good start for the coming new year. CEO Mr. Xiao made speeches of "Survival of the fittest“. He said the coming new year is a  developing year for YJC Group, also the most critical year to seize the strategic opportunity. Mr. Xiao also proposed "2018, never give in, never give up!"

The Korean Clients came far away from Korea, made their speeches of "thanks for all the support from YJC", and they also spread their sincere new year's wishes to all the staff "hope YJC can be better and better in the coming future".

The beginning of the annual gala was set as signature wall and check in area. Via the theme "Gratitude, Innovation", make all the staff and customers enjoy the celebrations together and to have a happy, innovative and creative YJC year.

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