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In Design Summit 2017, Youku, QiYi and some other media interview, YJC-S8 awarded COOL DESIGN.

Release date:2019-02-14

The Cool Design Awards 2017, with the theme of "Focus on boutique" was ceremoniously held on 18th Oct. at HK Asia-world Expo. This part perfectly matches the Global Sources Consumer Electronics - Autumn Edition, which had broken the traditional mode "Fair+Buyer+Business Orders" and create a fully new ecosystem fair mode.

"Innovative Classic, art forging" is made for this Cool Design Awards, especially, this Grand Prix has invited several world-famous industrial designers with international standard to evaluate the chosen items. This awards has attracted many designer's come with their own patent boutique.

This Grand Prix was created by Global Sources and the famous design platform, the best industrial design of 2017 will come out from it.

"Innovative boutique, pursuing art", designers from all around the world are well-prepared for a cool, innovative and special boutique.

Innovation - Fashionable home appliances, will bring out intelligence tendency and requirements.

"Innovative design, elaborate art". With the pursue of design, all designers are serious on showing their works, and to get the prize.


Under the theme of "convenient, environmental", YJC design team showed their elaborate design - S8 Electric Scooter, become one of the most attractive items. YJC design team also got a chance to communicate with designers from other countries.

2 p.m, the Grand Prix officially start to issue, which were judged by many world famous designer and media. YJC S8 Electric Scooter and other innovative designed items were awarded "Cool Design".

The leader designer of YJC S8 Ouyang, on behalf of the whole team, as the honoree, accept the award and made communications with other designers and audiences.

Design story: Mr. Ouyang, as the leader designer, mentioned the spirit of S8 design is from life. He said, discovery of art is the discovery of life. The spirit of S8 original design is from bamboo tube canal - round bamboo tube.

Design story: “Art is from life”, with the love and care to life, S8 scooter come out. Mr. Ouyang described his design story as bittersweet.

Light, cool as this scooter, the original case was rejected many times and reopen. From the geometry to folding mechanism, the process cost a lot, but also brought happiness. Intelligence of nowadays develops fast, science will definitely change life, innovation must will effect the attitude of "focus on boutique". YJC design team always carry their initial intention - to create innovative boutique.

Media interview: When got the interview of Youku, Qiyi and many other medias, Mr. Ouyang said, years of experience in e-scooter makes him realized the essential point for smart travel is to solve and serve customers' demands, and enhance innovation quality.

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