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N-YJC01 Electric wheelchair, devoted on intelligence and health of personal transportations

Release date:2019-01-10

Here introduce a multi-function smart electric wheelchair N-YJC01, its multi-protection and humanized design, will guard your health. It's easy to operate and easy to learn, design and developed by YJC TEAM.

Features:Multi-function, Easy to operate, Multi-pretection

Design:Big capacity dynamic battery, Foldable, Anti-turning rear wheel

The essential difference with the classic transportation like battery cards and bicycles is that electric wheelchair has intelligent controller. Define with different operation way, there are rocker-type controller and button controlled controller, the latter is mostly used for disabled people. Nowadays, electric wheelchair have become an indispensable part of the disabled. It can be widely used for clear-minded people to operate in certain space.

N-YJC01 uses an intelligent rocker to start the wheelchair, which is more convenient for user, and can be operate in 360° directions to ensure wheelchair running. The main interface of the rocker is designed with some buttons to supply users experience.

N-YJC01 uses brush gear motor to drive the wheelchair so to ensure a stronger power to climb with less friction, at the meantime extend battery life.

N-YJC01 uses big dynamic battery pack, it combined with good design and waterproof function, lithium dynamic battery cells ensure a stable power output.

N-YJC01 design is considerable so to make it's convenient for carry and transfer. Foldable body with exclusive folding mechanism, the seat can be folded forward 45°, back can be folded forward 90°. This design make it convenient to put into car boot.

Well-designed rear wheel is foldable so to keep climb more stable.

Flexible armrest can be adjusted up and dwon, left and right, to ensure different and simple operations.

In view of charging, N-YJC01 provided a detachable charger to satisfy users experience and to extend the battery using life maximum.

The adjustable safe belt prevent users from falling when a sudden brake comes. It can also protect users during driving, especially on uneven road.

In health feild, how to maximize the function of wheelchair on smart travel, accelerate health recovery, satisfy clients requirements and solve user's safety, convenience and travel problem, is what YJC group R&D team considered and interested. N-YJC01 wheelchair considerable design theory play a part of role in health wheelchair transportation.

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