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Michael Xiao: Bring Industrial Chain to Hometown

Release date:2019-01-10

YJC Group is a high-tech industry with R&D, manufacturing and marketing in one. Company owns strong R&D, production and sales team, combined with first-class manufacturing environment and strict, high-efficiency modernized administration system. Since its establishment, YJC keep developing technique and product innovation in smart cycling area. Now YJC has several smart products assembly line with intelligence and service. YJC products has been sold to more than 30 countries around the world and has gained trusts & high recognition from home and aboard customers with high quality, high-efficiency, excellent service and affordable price.  

Founder of YJC Group, Michael Xiao, have been devoted to build hometown. In one of the 2018 Yongzhou News Broadcast, Mr. Xiao spoke his minds "Welcome fellow villager, back to hometown, develop hometown. And bring industrial chain to hometown".

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